2021.4.0.12, 2020.7.0.7, 2019.13.0.7   -    Released: 2020-12-8

  • Update contextual help link.
  • Fix error with masking calculation points by category occurring when no category elements are found.
  • Fix issue with degenerate  geometry and displaying AVF results for planar face calculation points.

2021.4.0.11, 2020.7.0.6, 2019.13.0.6   -    Released: 2020-11-12

  • Fix issue preventing calculation results from being stored for multiple calculation modes with Projected Calculation points.

2021.4.0.10, 2020.7.0.5, 2019.13.0.5   -    Released: 2020-11-4

  • Fix issue with results not being sent back to Revit, occurring in certain cases.
  • Fix typographical error in Light Loss Factor dialog.

2021.4.0.8, 2020.7.0.4, 2019.13.0.4   -    Released: 2020-10-27

  • Fix error occurring in certain cases when editing Projected Calculation Points.

2021.4.0.7, 2020.7.0.3, 2019.13.0.3   -    Released: 2020-10-19

  • Speed improvements to calculation point masking.
  • Improvements to topography parsing and clipping accuracy.
  • Fix issue with legacy OpenGL setting being applied incorrectly in certain cases.
  • Fix issue with filter row drop down for Link Column in Material Mapping dialog.
  • Add support for daylight portals hosted to Face Walls.
  • Improvements to element parsing for combined boundary calculations.
  • Allow automatic download of software updates.
  • Fix issue with deleted mask elements.

2021.4.0.4, 2020.7.0.2, 2019.13.0.2   -    Released: 2020-09-24

  • Fix issue with walls, floors, and ceilings, from linked models, appearing as double sided, occurring in certain cases.

2021.4.0.3, 2020.7.0.1, 2019.13.0.1   -    Released: 2020-09-09

  • Material Mapping now includes a Category for surfaces without Material.
  • Category Overrides enabled by default in Material Mapping for Common Categories.
  • Geometric optimization of exterior luminaire families.
  • Improvements to trial registration.
  • Fix issue with default material transparency not matching assigned Revit transparency, occurring in certain cases.
  • Fix error with duplicate luminaires occurring in Calculate Multiple Views command.
  • Improvements to Calculate Views form.