Problem: ElumTools' Calculation Viewer closes unexpectedly after starting a calculation.

Reason: What is likely happening is some piece of invalid geometry is getting passed into the calculation engine and crashing the calculation. This could be caused by small, complex families or entities modeled outside of Revit. 

Potential Solution: 

You could try hiding certain model categories in Material Mapping by using the model category overrides to set surface types to Ignore. Small things like Specialty Equipment or Pipe Fittings that don't contribute to the calculation results could be causing problems. 

You can try to hide entire model categories in Material Mapping. 

1. Open Material Mapping.
2. Click on the By Category button.
3. For example, check the box next to Lighting Fixtures (or another unnecessary category).
4. Set the Surface Type to Ignore.
5. Click OK and try to calculate again.


If hiding certain model categories doesn't seem to help, then please Submit a Support Ticket with the ElumTools Calculation Files zipped and attached to the ticket. How to access the ElumTools calculation files.