The Add Points --- > Stairs and Add Points --- > Topography command will not allow selection of stairs or topography in linked models.  This is due to limitations of the Revit API.  You can, however, project points onto stairs or topography in linked models, using the Add Points ---> Projected command.

Note: To project points to elements in linked models, the linked model needs to have at least one 3D view where the elements are visible.

Step 1 ---> Define the Projection Region

Add a Filled Region, above the stair case, on the top level of the stairs.

Step 2 ---> Add Projected Points

Select the foot print region created in step 1.

Step 3 ---> Set Target Category to Stairs

Step 4 ---> Check "Multiple Intersections Enabled" as needed.

This allows points to be projected onto stairs spanning multiple levels.