2020.4.0.19, 2019.10.0.31, 2018.15.0.7   -    Released: 2020-03-09

  • Fix error with computing normals for projected points, occurring in certain cases.
  • Add tool tips for changing mode and metric.
  • Fix issue with duplicate luminaires in combined calculations, occurring in certain cases.
  • Fix error with "Find Closest Weather Station" tool in Daylight Parameters dialog.
  • Update code signing certificate.

2020.4.0.16, 2019.10.0.29, 2018.15.0.6   -    Released: 2020-02-12

  • Fix issue with corrupt view results data storage elements, occurring in certain cases.
  • Fix issue with mask elements in projected calculation points, occurring in certain cases/elevations.
  • Fix issue with deleted projected calculation points element.
  • Improve tool tips.

2020.4.0.11, 2019.10.0.27, 2018.15.0.4   -    Released: 2020-01-21

  • Fix issue with Daylight Factor units display with AVF results.
  • Fix error with deleted target elements occurring when editing projected calculation points.
  • Fix issue with transform of linked model meshes occurring in Calculate View
  • Fix issue with unloaded linked documents occurring when adding calculation points.
  • Fix issue with orphaned, face hosted points.

2020.4.0.8, 2019.10.0.24, 2018.15.0.1   -    Released: 2020-01-03

New Add Calculation Point Commands!

Bug Fixes

  • Fix error occurring when adjusting luminaire proration factor in certain cases.
  • Fix issue with Show All Results command occurring after calculation point deletion.