2020.2.0.6, 2019.8.0.19, 2018.13.0.6   -    Released: 2019-08-05

  • Fix issue with ElumTools results being incorrectly turned on when changing modes/metrics.
  • Renaming calculation points no longer triggers results invalidation. 

2020.2.0.4, 2019.8.0.16, 2018.13.0.2   -    Released: 2019-07-22

  • Fix issue with Ignore Surface Type in Material Category Overrides.
  • Fix issue with missing Bidirectional option in Material Mapping.

2020.2.0.3, 2019.8.0.15, 2018.13.0.2   -    Released: 2019-07-15

  • View/Hide Results Command state now remembered when Revit is closed and re-opened.
  • View/Hide Results ---> Select... command state now remembered when results are hidden in View.
  • New emergency luminaire families.
  • Improved logic for detecting luminaire containment within Rooms, Spaces, Areas and Regions.
  • Fix issue with Activate/Deactivate Network License button disappearing in certain cases.
  • Fix issue with checked-out Network Licenses not functioning properly during extended periods of offline usage.
  • Fix issue with Material Map conflict, occurring in certain cases, with ElumTools Daylight Transition Glass and ElumTools Interior Glass material categories.