The ElumTools View Results command displays a scale on the applicable Revit View with an automatically-generated color scheme.  You can override the default color scheme using Revit's Modify Analysis Display Style command as illustrated, below.

Custom scale values must be assigned using ElumTools' default units.  Revit will automatically handle the unit conversion based on the Revit Project Units when displaying the legend.  Reference the table below to determine the appropriate units for the Metric you are calculating.

Specify scale values in...
Illuminance (E)
Footcandles (Fc)
Luminance (L)
Candela per square meter
Exitance (M)
Lumens per square foot
United Glare Rating (UGR)
Daylight Factor (DF)
Percent (%)
Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD)
Micromoles per Second per Square Foot (μmol/(s·ft²)).