Version 1.4.2        2019-11-25

  • Fixed issue with incorrect viewer height in certain cases.

Version 1.4.1        2019-11-11

  • Fixed issue with resetting to default values.

Version 1.4.0        2019-10-24

Used to specify the web page (browser tab) title.
Used to specify the web page (browser tab) icon.
Used to specify the default print page size.
  • Email links now use the aliased domain (if specified) instead of the default domain.

Version 1.3.0        2019-08-12

  • Added new email functionality.  You can now share a lighting layout via email.
  • Added ability to customize the sender name/email to your brand (domain).
  • Printed output now uses toolbar theme colors and logo (rather than grayscale).
  • PrintLogoUrl is now obsolete and is ignored as an input parameter. The main logo is used instead.
  • Fixed data entry issues on both desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Improved performance of graphics display.
  • Fixed resizing issues with graphics display.
  • Improved error handling.

Version 1.1.2        2019-05-17

  • Fixed issue where colors were not being read correctly from input data.
  • Fixed error occurring when themes and theme colors were re-selected.

Version 1.1.1        2019-04-18

  • Refresh (without URL parameters) now loads most recently used URL parameters.

Version 1.1.0        2019-04-04

  • Added 12 new customizable theme colors.
  • Removed 4 existing customizable theme colors.
  • Refined footers to look cleaner and display the version.
  • Help button navigates to help webpage instead of errors page.

Version 1.0.0        2019-03-04

  • Original release!