In this step you will:

  • Map a subdomain of your website to a Luxiflux tool website so that it appears to be part of your website.

Step 3.1    Request Domain Aliasing

Send an email to with the subject "Luxiflux Domian Aliasing".

Make sure to include the domain alias you want to use (source domain alias on your website) and where it should point (destination domain on


Source (Alias):

Step 3.2    Modify Your DNS

Add a CNAME record to the DNS for your domain.

DNS Record Example:

Type:    CNAME


  • Although we can usually accommodate these requests quickly, please allow 1 week to for us complete the task.
  • The subdomain of your website that you use as an alias should not be used for any purpose other than referencing the Luxiflux tool.
  • You can disable domain aliasing by removing the CNAME record from the DNS for your domain.
  • We will not enable domain aliasing for trial implementations.