File Functions - Factor Files

The Factor Files tab can be used to complete a number of functions, often in the same session with the software. 

  • Optionally clone files (make file copies to modify)
  • Factor (scale) lumen output*
    • Apply factor to multiplier in file, or...
    • Apply factor directly to candela
    • Optionally round candela
  • Factor (scale) watts*
  • Edit keywords*
  • Edit filenames or use Smart Filenames
  • Convert Test type (absolute or relative)*
  • Convert Photometric type (C or B)*
  • Enter new lumen output manually*
  • Enter new watts manually*

* Functions can be applied to all, individually or by clone number

Get Started

1. Open files from the File menu in the File/Viewer dialog

2. In this case, 14 files have been loaded

3. Select the Factor Files tab in the File Functions dialog

4. Optionally produce "clones" of each loaded file. Clone naming convention can be changed in Settings

4.A. Enter the number of clones to be created for each loaded file

5. Select the method to be used to apply lumen factors and rounding (optional)

6. Check keywords to be included (to be modified)

7. Click the Load/Refresh Data button 

After Step 7 above:

Factor Files Example

  1. Enter lumen factor for clone 1
  2. Apply to all first level clones (clone 1 for each file loaded)
  3. Make any other changes: filename, [ISSUEDATE], [LUMCAT]
  4. Apply Changes and Refresh

Saving Your Work

You can make numerous changes to your files using the Factor Files worksheet approach. Form a workflow perspective, you could make several changes and then click the Apply Changes and Refresh button, then continue working with additional changes. Or, you might make all the changes at once and then apply. Regardless, your changes ARE NOT saved outside of Photometric Power Tools until you elect to do so from the File menu selections in the Viewer/Editor dialog