Many building codes and standards ask for things like Daylight Factor calculations to be documented in terms of "percentage of points" or "percentage of occupied floor area" in which the the daylight calculations meet a certain requirement and/or fall within a certain range.  Below is an example workflow for how to document compliance with such a standard, using ElumTools.  Additional information on Daylight Calculations in ElumTools can be found at this link.

Step 1- Enable the "Points in Range" statistic visibility in the ElumTools settings.

Step 2-  Define Calculation Points.  

Enable Daylight factor and set the Points in Range fields as needed (values will be typically be dictated by the code/standard you are using).

Step 3.  Calculate.  

After calculating, you can view the "Points in Range Fraction" by invoking the "Edit Points" command, if desired.

Step 4.  Create a schedule. 

Define the appropriate fields and a formula for the Points in Range Fraction.