Before Submitting a Support Ticket:

  • The problem may have already been addressed in an update. Make sure you are using the latest version to which you have access in your E-Store Account and perhaps cross-reference the version owned against the program's release history.
  • Check to see if the version you are using is still supported: Support Policy
  • Check Knowledgebase for known issues and workarounds: Knowledgebase
  • Rebooting can resolve many issues!
  • Support Tickets should be limited to one issue per ticket.
  • Support Tickets should be submitted by the person experiencing the issue, not a 3rd party.


Methods to Initiate a Support Ticket:

  • From within the software to which the ticket pertains: In AGi32, Photometric Toolbox and Photometric Powertools, on the main program menu at the top, click "Help" then "Submit Support Ticket".
  • From the Support Portal: Go to the Support Portal, login if necessary, then on the right side of the webpage, click "New Support Ticket". If you have not created an account you will not see this option and will need to click "Sign up" and set up an account first.
  • From our main website: go to, "mouseover" the "Support" heading, then select "Submit a Ticket" from the list of options.

What to Include in the Support Ticket:

  • Indicate LAI#, product, version and as much detail as possible to explain the issue (e.g. error message, steps to reproduce, screen captures, etc.)
  • If the issue is file specific, attach the file in question along with the steps necessary to reproduce the issue. Uploaded files can be up to 20MB in total size.

What Happens Next:

  • An email will be sent to you indicating your support ticket has been received along with a ticket number for reference.
  • Most requests are handled within 24 hrs. Our normal working hours are: M-F, 8-5PM (GMT-07:00) Mountain Time (US).