When printing from Revit, the ElumTools Calculation Point markers and text may appear clipped, or otherwise fail to print legibly.  An example is shown in the image below.


  • Contact Autodesk Inc. and request this problem be fixed in Revit.
  • Adjust the View Scale and/or the point size such that the points are not as physically close to one another.  Larger buffer regions between each point can help avoid clipping.
  • Print multiple times.  Often the problematic clipping behavior will not occur consistently, even under identical print settings and conditions.
  • Experiment with different PDF printers.
  • Use Raster Printing.  See this article.


ElumTools uses a feature of Revit called the Analysis Visualization Framework (AVF) to display calculation points and spatial maps in Revit.  The AVF is known to exhibit buggy behavior, especially when attempts are made the print the AVF results.  Because printing is 100% a Revit function, Lighting Analysts is extremely limited in its ability to make improvements in this area.

Fixing the problem will require a patch from Autodesk.  But, at the time of writing, Autodesk has not produced such a fix in the latest version of Revit.  

Autodesk has been aware of the problem since 2015, or perhaps earlier.  As of April 2018, Autodesk has indicated they intend to fix the bug, but have not yet provided a timeline.  You can find the latest status in the thread at this link.