Everyone knows that Adobe Flash is saying a long and painful goodbye. Flash is already problematic for some browsers and does not support mobile responsive design. Obviously, it's time to move on. Update: Flash content will no longer work with Google Chrome at the conclusion of 2020. 

Flash - Indoor

  • Has been replaced by modern responsive design software (mobile friendly) we call Luxiflux Zonal. You can experiment with Luxiflux here
  • Luxiflux Zonal released: March 8, 2019.
  • Implementing Luxiflux-Zonal should be an easy transition from existing Flash Indoor XML implementation (goal is as close to an out-of-box replacement as possible).
  • Will continue to be an annual subscription.

Sales policy for existing Flash Indoor customers with current subscription

  • Upgrade to the Luxiflux-Zonal software for $3500 while your Flash Indoor subscription is current. Receive a new one year term for Luxiflux.
  • Flash-Indoor renewals will not be processed AFTER December 31, 2019! If you need more time to transition please contact us.
  • Renewal for the Luxiflux-Zonal software in 2020 will be $5000.
  • Budget for annual increases of not more than 10%.

Sales policy for new license subscriptions of Luxiflux Zonal

  • Annual Subscription of $12,000 or $1000/mo. (Automatic Renewal Billing, 1 year contract)

Flash - Outdoor

  • Discontinued November 11, 2019.
  • Will be replaced by an new HTML5 Luxiflux software with a different (and we believe more useful) optimization behavior.
  • Anticipated availability of the new software in Q2, 2020.
  • New Luxiflux "outdoor" (we don't have a title yet) will be priced separately and incentives will be available for existing Flash Outdoor users.