All AGi32 and ElumTools licenses with current maintenance are grandfathered into subscription at the 2017 maintenance renewal prices (See Impact on Existing Licenses). You can get on board with this pricing by upgrading your old versions!


All AGi32 upgrades INCLUDE one year of SupportPlus maintenance! This allows you to lock in the SupportPlus annual renewal prices to carry you forward into subscription!

                Upgrade NOW for $500/license* (log in or contact us!)

* AGi32 version 14 and earlier for $500/license (save $395/license), AGi32 version 15 - 17, upgrade prices vary by version. Any license that was more than $500 is now $500. 

ACT NOW! The AGi32 upgrade offer is valid through January 31, 2018


You can upgrade your ElumTools licenses for $549 + $399 for one year of maintenance. This locks in that $399/yr price moving forward into subscription. Upgrade and add maintenance (version 2017 and earlier), or just add maintenance (version 2018) before April 10, 2018 to qualify for the grandfather pricing.