What will I pay moving forward?

Applies to existing AGi32 and ElumTools licenses under a maintenance plan as of April 10, 2018 (AGi32 SupportPlus, ElumTools soon-to-be-deprecated subscription).

On your renewal date:

  • 2018    

No change in price!  

Renew your maintenance at the same price you paid in 2017.

You will move to the subscription license type when installing the latest upgrades (see FAQ below for more details).

  • 2019    

Renew your subscription at the same price you paid in 2018 (and 2017) + 10%

  • 2020

Renew your maintenance at the same price you paid in 2019 + 10%

  • Going Forward

Expect 10% increase in the annual fee each year, but no more.

Existing license renewals will never come from the new subscription license prices. (licenses owned as of April 10, 2018).

What do I need to do right now?

  • Login to your account and verify that your AGI32 and ElumTools licenses are current.
  • If not current, renew or upgrade (upgrade incentive currently available!). 
  • Contact us if in doubt.

  • If your licenses are current, relax, do nothing until your renewal date in 2018.


  1. What if my licenses are not current with maintenance?
  2. What if I don't own AGi32 version 18 or ElumTools 2018?
    • You need to upgrade to lock in the legacy rates. AGi32 upgrades include maintenance, be sure and add to ElumTools purchase. You need maintenance to lock in the low rates to move to subscription.
  3. If my maintenance is current as of April 10, 2018 what happens?
    • You can install the new subscription releases at no cost and enjoy. They will expire on your 2018 renewal date.
  4. I have a network license. What happens to the server component (LAI Network Service)?
    • You will move to a Multi-User license under subscription and license administration will be in the cloud. This means all your users need is an Internet connection to use the software! They can be anywhere. You will no longer need the LAI Network Service software.
  5. Are my software programs now in the cloud?
    • No. This is not SAAS (Software as a service). Your software is local as always. Only the license administration is in the cloud. There are provisions with both single user and multi-user licenses for disconnected use.
  6. Will I need to reinstall my software?
    • Yes, but only when the next major upgrades are released. Users who choose not to install the next upgrade can continue to use legacy versions of the software.
  7. Can I share a single user license with another computer or person?
    • Yes. One machine at a time. This is done using the new cloud license administration and not the old Simple Sharing method.
  8. What happens if I decide not to move to subscription?
    • Nothing. You can continue to use your old licenses as before but your only upgrade path is subscription. Also, you will miss the opportunity to lock in the legacy prices as discussed above.
  9. What if I want to add a license?
    • New licenses will be priced according to the new subscription table. Note that this is less expensive upfront than our old prices. After two years the cost is roughly the same.
  10. What if I want to drop a license?
    • No problem. We will reduce your bill by the old maintenance price which is based on the number of licenses owned. However, you will not be able to add it back at the legacy price so planning is essential.
  11. Do I get free updates under subscription?
    • Under subscription everything is covered. In fact, we will deliver more enhancements on a regular basis rather than waiting for one annual release.
  12. I want to convert my existing single-user licenses to multi-user licenses, what does it cost?
    • First, make sure your existing maintenance is current as of April 10, 2018. After that date you can convert for $200 per single-user license (AGi32 or ElumTools). Your subscription fees will then be as if you previously owned a network license. AGi32 SupportPlus for network (based on number of licenses owned), ElumTools is $399/license.
  13. My network is locked down, is there an option for no Internet connectivity?
    • Yes. Isolated environments can use a Hardware Key (USB) solution. Please contact us for details.
  14. I currently own the Advanced Sharing product, I know this has been discontinued, how will I move forward?
    • All current Advanced Sharing customers with active SupportPlus as of April 10, 2018 will be moved to a Multi-User subscription license (identical to network license users). Your Multi-User license count will be equal to your current number of single user AGi32 licenses. Your grandfather priced annual renewal for subscription (on your SupportPlus renewal date) will be the legacy SupportPlus cost for network licenses.