When ElumTools is run along side another Revit Addin that uses the 7-Zip library, conflicts can occur.

The main problem.  ElumTools throws an error after each calculation is complete, indicating that the program failed to compress the Radiosity Solution File (RSF) (and, thus, failed to save the RSF back to the Revit file).  This problem can occur whenever another Revit Addin loads the 7-Zip libraries before ElumTools has a chance to do so.  


This problem is resolved in versions 2017.8 and later.  Resolve the error by following the steps below.

1. Close Revit (all running versions).

2. Download the ElumTools installers at

3. Run the installer.

4.  If the problem persists, please Contact Lighting Analysts Inc. for further assistance.

Error message

Could not store radiosity solution file entity on element.

System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'Lai.Core.Compression7z' threw an exception. ---> SevenZip.SevenZipLibraryException: Can not load 7-zip library or internal COM error! Message: can not change the library path while the library "C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\ReluxCADforRevit.bundle\Contents\Windows\APP_2017\RlxRevitAddin\..\..\COMMON\unmanaged\7z.dll" is being used.
   at SevenZip.SevenZipLibraryManager.SetLibraryPath(String libraryPath)
   at Lai.Core.Compression7z..cctor()
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---
   at Lai.Core.Compression7z.Compress(FileInfo file, Options options)
   at ElumTools.ExtensibleStorage.SetRadiositySolutionFile(Element element, String sourceFilePath)

ElumTools 2017 Release 7 (2017.7.0.8)
7561  [2017-10-11 13:03 (-06:00 UTC)]