Version 1.93 - 29-SEP-15:

Bug Fixes:

  • Article No.: 1699 - Compare Tool – 'RTE 5 – Invalid procedure call or argument' error occurs when trying to Normalize Distributions

Version 1.92 - 25-AUG-15:


  • Shared License – Connection failure procedure has been modified to mitigate downtime when license server is offline

Version 1.90 - 15-APR-15:


  • Old Instabase has been replaced with Instabase in the Cloud

Version 1.87 - 14-DEC-12:


  • Improved roadway IES Type algorithm to better handle borderline cases (e.g. Type III instead of Type II)

Version 1.86- 12-AUG-12:

Bug Fixes:

  • Article No.: 1480 - Tool-Edit - Scaling candela values does not work properly with asymmetric Type B files

Version 1.85- 07-JUN-12:

Bug Fixes:

  • Article No.: 1460 - Tool-Edit - Changes made to angles on Angles tab are not always reflected on the Candela tab

  • Article No.: 1461 - Tool-Edit - 'RTE 6 - Overflow' occurs when attempting to paste >32767 candela values into the candela grid

Version 1.84 - 31-JAN-12:


  • Network License – Improved renew and release license functions

Version 1.83 - 18-OCT-11:


  • Tool-Road Report/Compare – Cutoff Classification for absolute photometry files is now indicated as N.A. In addition, characteristics have been reordered (cutoff classification has been moved down the list since this metric has been deprecated)

  • Tool-Indoor/Compare Report – Added several zones to the Zonal Lumen Summary to cover DesignLights Consortium Product Qualification Criteria (Technical Requirements Table 1, v1.6)

Bug Fixes:

  • Article No.: 1403 - Tool-Compare - Multi-line descriptive information (e.g. keyword data) may not appear correctly in printed output (may show description from previous column)

Version 1.82 - 17-AUG-11:


  • Tool-Edit – Increased size of dialog footprint

  • Tool-Compare – Increased width of Add Plot list

Bug Fixes:

  • Article No: 1362 - Tool-Save - In isolated cases, the EULUMDAT conversion dialog does not appear when saving (converting) to EULUMDAT format

Version 1.81 - 25-MAY-11:


  • Road Report/Compare Tool – BUG Rating has been updated per TM-15-11

Bug Fixes:

  • Article No.:1344 - Tool-View - Changing colors of one or more 2D curves does not appear to work

  • Article No.: 1348 - View Tool-2D Graph - Plotted curves for maximum candela may not be correct in some isolated cases

Version 1.80 - 02-MAY-11:


  • Photometric files lacking the proper end-of-line delimiter (carriage return + line feed) are now automagically repaired and loaded. Repaired file is saved under the same name with _Repaired appended (original file is not altered)

  • Support for EULUMDAT absolute photometry files has been implemented

  • Instabase – Maximum allowable number of loaded Instabases increased from 100 to 250

  • Template Tool – User defined arrangements have been moved to ProgramData folder (was in ProgramFiles)

  • Road Report – Luminaire Efficacy Rating (LER) added to Road Report. Also added to Road Report in Compare

Bug Fixes:

  • Article No.: 1327 - Printing to PDF may produce a "RTE 380 - Invalid Property Value" error

  • Article No.: 1337 - Flood Report - In some cases, Lumen Array is only displaying one column of data