Version Comparison Chart
AGi32 version
Introduced subscription licensing19

Use Background images as textures (render Google maps)

Remove calculation points in specific range

Change reflectance or average color of a texture

Import luminaire locations from CSV file

Added Background images button to lower toolbar

Support for DWG 2018

Unregistered or expired installations now operate as a file viewer

Textures in Render mode ON by default

Ortho enabled when scaling background images

Drag-n-drop or Copy/paste in background images dialog

New formats added to Page Builder (Legal-Landscape, Legal-Portrait and ANSI-Tabloid)

Render Mode Viewpoints

Separate Display properties for render viewpoints

Page Builder automated output uses render viewpoints

Viewpoints automatically captured entering Page Builder

Object Disable command

Object Group command

Group and Explode in Project Manager

Scale objects in 3 directions

Capture render images at larger sizes than display

Added default user object library

Background images now available in Import menu

Multiple level Redo command

All Object commands have multi-single select

All Object commands have All select

Page Builder – Dynamic Report Generator added

Global font control added to Page Builder

Viewpoints toolbar added to Model Mode

Room Surface Summary schedule added

Isoline Legend schedule added

Instabase Audit command checks for updated IES files

Added Sub-tags for groups

Access Instabase from default browser

Enhanced Luminaire toolkit drop-down menu

Enhanced Luminaire Swap command

New command: Find calculation points by value added

Dynamically change luminaire aiming angles while adding or re-orienting

Delete Openings by Single, Window, All technique

Delete Rooms by Single, Window, All technique

Color control for switched off luminaires

Better decimal control for all statistics

Copy Roadway Optimizer Comparison table to clipboard

Font color control for all schedule fields

Better banner control for output

Anti-alias render views in Page Builder and exported files

Dynamic Templates - When enabled, templates are automatically created when luminaires are placed or modified

Template button now globally controls template visibility

Design Isolines - Design Isolines are interactive isolines that automatically update as changes are made to the environment without having to recalculate (e.g. placing or modifying luminaires)

New Instabase in the Cloud!

Build composite photometric files

New command, Move Luminaire & Orient

Calculates PPFD for plant growth

Project Manager – Added Points Visibility to CalcPts menu

Addition of CalcType to the CalcPts grid in Project Manager

Modify-Luminaire-Reaim – The previous aiming vector and template (if defined) is shown (dotted line)

Photometric direction indicators (webs or orient vectors)

Free Export to AGi32 plugin for SketchUp 2014 released for version 15.3 and later

Import and scale and seam up to eight Google Earth images with new command: Background Images

Enhanced Select Photometric File dialog with polar plots, BUG, roadway class and more to make file selection much easier

Automatic Power Density and Calculation point placement when using the Room creation tools

Automatic Luminaire definition when bringing in photometric files

Bring in multiple photometric files at once

Scene/Channel Summary schedule added. Summarizes all active channels in a Scene (Channel ID, Switched, Diming, # Luminaires).

Calculation point meter indicators for all grids (winkies!)

New toolkit commands for luminaire Lock and Aiming Vector visibility

Improved parsing of imported 3D cad files results in fewer errors and better integrity

20% faster Direct mode calculations

Daylighting with the Perez All-Weather sky model and complete integrated weather database

New “Tag” field added to luminaire definition, labels and schedules

Scene Manager provides the ability to manage luminaires by channel and assign channels to scenes

Change Channel capabilities in Luminaire toolkit and various other commands

Mesopic calculations per IES TM-12-12

Real DWG 2013 support

LEED v4 SSc6 compliance report added to Obtrusive Light command

Adaptive patch subdivision refines radiosity mesh for hot spots

Colored patch and element mesh

Toggle aiming vector visibility command

Vertical illuminance added to optimization criteria for Roadway Optimizer

Fisheye view added to ray trace

Generate HDR images from raytrace

Newsreel web service for updates and news