The table shows all major program releases for the AGi32 software since inception.

Our version numbering scheme changed with version 14. Version 14 was the major upgrade following version 2.3 and was the 14th major release of AGi32! From v14 forward, all major versions are whole numbers and minor updates (maintenance releases) increment the first decimal place (ex: 14.2).

Previously, major releases were marked by a change in the first decimal place (example: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3). Minor release version numbers incremented the second decimal place which are not listed (example: 2.36).

Version Release Date
18 25-May-17!
17 18-May-16
16 15-Apr-15
15 27-May-14
14 05-Mar-13
2.3 24-Jan-12
2.2 04-May-11
2.1 31-Mar-10
2.0 31-Jan-08
1.90 28-Apr-06
1.80 01-Jun-05
1.70 30-Apr-04
1.60 12-Feb-03
1.50 24-Jan-02
1.40 11-Apr-01
1.30 15-Oct-00
1.20 05-May-00
1.10 27-Oct-99