• Improved electrical connector configuration in luminaire family library to better support Revit's electrical calculation intelligence (e.g. LPD calculations).
  • Added option to create new calculation points when attempting to edit points that do not yet exist.
  • Added Room and Space parameters to Create Schedule command.
  • Improved default color schemes for isolines and spatial maps (Contours) in Calculation Viewer.
  • Improved Calculation Points menu in Calculation Viewer to be aware of metrics applicable to current calculation.
  • Added ability to toggle calculation points visibility in Calculation Viewer by clicking parent control.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect daylight transition surface progress indicator in Calculation Viewer.
  • Fixed error occurring when attempting to calculate environments with very small Z extents (<=3mm).
  • Fixed problem with Calculate View command failing to detect linked model geometry when calculating multiple, combined, views.