Revit produces blank pages and/or crashes when attempting to print/plot Views in which ElumTools results are visible even though Revit prints successfully when the ElumTools results are hidden.  This affects both calculation points and spatial maps that are displayed in Revit.  This can happen with either PDF or physical printers.


Set the Revit print settings to "Raster Processing" in the dialog as shown below.


ElumTools uses a feature called the Analysis Visualization Framework (AVF) to display calculation points and spatial maps in Revit. AVF entities require Raster Processing to print successfully.  Sometimes, Revit will automatically detect that Raster Processing needs to be enabled and will do so automatically.  When this happens, you see a message like this.  

But Revit doesn't always catch that Raster processing is required. In some cases the print job simply fails (produces blank pages).  For example when one tries to print a Sheet which includes Dependent Views that display AVF results, Revit will fail to detect that the print settings need adjustment.  The print simply fails.  For this reason, it is recommended that you always enable Raster Processing prior to printing ElumTools results.

The AVF includes many other interesting quirks and often exhibits buggy behavior during normal Revit use.  Lighting Analysts' is extremely limited in its ability to make improvements in this area.  All requests for improvements to the AVF should ultimately be directed to Autodesk Inc.