Error occurs when ElumTools is initialized.


Typically this error is solved by a simple Revit reboot. Please try the following:

  1. Close all instances of Revit (if you have it opened).
  2. Open one instance of Revit. 
  3. Open the file you are trying to work on, without opening any other files. 
  4. Immediately try to perform an ElumTools command. 

Please contact Lighting Analysts Support if the problem persist. 


If the error persists then it may be caused by a lack of write permissions.

Revit users using ElumTools with worksharing require permission to write (save changes to/sync) the following elements:

Working Views - Instances
Rooms/Spaces – Instances
Lighting Fixtures – Types and Instances
ElumTools Calc Points <various> – Instances
Linked Models – Instances
Analysis Display Styles
Views – Any views where calculation results need to be viewed.
Working Views – Initializing and Upgrading ElumTools requires the ability to create these views. The project should be synced immediately after ElumTools is initialized and upgraded (i.e. do not initialize or upgrade a project with ElumTools with multiple users simultaneously).
Volume Computations – ElumTools requires that Room/Space volume computations be enabled. If disabled, ElumTools will attempt to enable volume computations."

Please verify your user has the proper permissions and try to initialize the project again.