Our new cloud-based Helpdesk includes a Knowledgebase, public Forums and a robust customer ticketing system to track support contacts on our products. The beauty of this system is it not only helps us more effectively track your support history, but all public records (Knowledgebase and Forums) are searchable by you (our customers) and Internet search engines. You have the ability to search for solutions that may already be public, solving your problem immediately and eliminating a support call or ticket! This system is powered by the popular global helpdesk system titled "Freshdesk" (you may notice that in your travels around the system).

Your Log In

Yes, everyone must create an account, and no, it is not the same as logging into your account in our internal system/E-store. However, it is super easy. Simply enter your email address and your favorite password the first time you visit (Sign up) to create a ticket or post in the Forums. You do not have to log in to browse the Knowledgebase or existing Forum posts.


The first thing you should do when you visit is type in your issue in the big search field at the top of the Helpdesk. This will search the Knowledgebase and Forums for possible solutions saving you time and possibly solving your problem right then and there!


A support Ticket is a request for our Customer Care staff to assist you as soon as possible. Helpdesk tickets are automatically created when selecting the "Submit Support Ticket" or "Submit Support Report" from the AGi32, Photometric Toolbox or ElumTools Help menus, or from our websites. The preferred method for AGi32 and PTB is to start a ticket from within the software as this takes the additional step of including your computer's system configuration (ElumTools does not). You can also simply click on the "Start a Ticket" button in the Helpdesk as shown below. We respect your privacy, your support tickets ARE NOT public!

You can track the status of your ticket by logging in and clicking on the "Check Ticket Status" link (shown above). You can also submit additional tickets and we can merge them if they belong to the same issue. When we close a ticket you may receive an email asking for your feedback, please help us improve by keeping us informed!


Our goal is to add continuous content to the new Knowledgebase. We are moving articles from the old system over if they are still current. This process is on-going. The idea is you can easily search for answers and "self-help" any time of day, weekends and holidays. Check it out - there is already some new content that might be helpful!


This is a user-centric experience where you can exchange ideas with others, make suggestions and report problems. It is moderated by LAI staff, but should NOT be considered a primary support avenue. If you are having trouble and hope for the most expedient solution, first search our Helpdesk for known issues (big search box at the top of the Helpdesk), then if no help, simply "Start a Ticket" (see Tickets above). The Forum posts ARE public facing.