• Added digitial signature to installer and program files.
  • Added support for Isolines and Spatial Maps.
  • Added Exterior Pole-Mounted families.
  • Added warning regarding Type B photometric files in Luminaire Manager.
  • Improved performance when exporting daylight calculation environments.
  • Added support for meshes (e.g. topography surfaces) to Calculate View commands.
  • Added fail-safe functionality to Instabase in the Cloud.
  • Added ability to duplicate, rename, and delete Luminaire Family Types in Luminaire Manager.
  • Added ability to approve luminaires in Luminaire Manager via a new Shared Parameter.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error occurring when calculation points are defined in linked models.
  • Fixed error occurring with illegal characters in calculation name.
  • Fixed units issue with maximum reported interior luminance.
  • Fixed rendering clipping problem occurring with View Rendering command and daylight calculations.
  • Fixed error occurring when black color filter (emittance= 0) applied to luminaire.
  • Fixed error occurring when project information command being invoked without an active document.
  • Prevented disabled calculation grids from rendering question marks at inconvenient times.