Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.11, 2016.8, 2017.4

  • Reversed ray direction for virtual meter calculation points.

  • Fixed issue using layout assistant with luminaire families with light source located above the ceiling line.

  • Fixed error occurring when scheduling Points in Range using the Create Schedule command.

  • Improved JSON serialization library to fix compatibility issue with Revit 2017. 2 (17.0.1117.0) and improve compatibility with other applications and Add-ins.

Enhancements: ElumTools 2015.10, 2016.7, 2017.3

Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.10, 2016.7, 2017.3

  • Fixed issue with daylight portals in transformed linked documents.

  • Fixed issue with Add Calculation Points dialog preview window occurring with transformed linked documents.

  • Fixed issue with Include Surfaces with no Material luminaire setting.

  • Improved status prompts during commands involving selection.

  • Fixed crashing issue when exporting daylight portals occurring under certain circumstances.

  • Fixed memory leak causing Revit to crash after prolonged use.

  • Addressed incompatibility with BlueBeam Revu 2016.5 (this is not an ElumTools problem).

Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.9, 2016.6, 2017.2

  • Improved performance with Collaboration for Revit in A360 environments.
  • Fixed issue occurring with multiple linked documents with identical names.
  • Fixed issue occurring when renaming linked models during Revit session.
  • Fixed issue with mirrored light sources occurring in some cases.
  • Fixed memory leak causing Revit to crash after prolonged use.
  • Fixed Utilities Commands (applies to Revit 2017 only).

Enhancements: ElumTools 2015.8, 2016.5, 2017.1

Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.8 (2016.5)

  • Fixed "Forbidden in View" errors.
  • Fixed issue with invalid photometric file names.
  • Fixed issue with culture specific calculation folder path.
  • Fixed incorrect calculations with luminaires that have multiple sources.
  • Fixed issue that occur when calc points families are manually placed or copied.
  • Fixed default color temperature issue in calculation viewer.
  • Fixed various geometric issues causing calculations to crash.

Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.7 (2014.12, 2016.4)

  • Fixed error occurring with very long family/type names.
  • Fixed error occurring with luminaires in linked models.
  • Fixed materials issue in ElumTools luminaire families.
  • Fixed issues occurring when luminaires are hidden the ElumTools_LuminiaresView.
  • Updated License Manager.

Enhancements: ElumTools 2015.6 (2014.11, 2016.3)

  • Added new High Bay luminaire family.
  • Added offset parameter to surface mounted luminaire families.
  • Luminaire family type catalogs now supply both LxW and WxL families for use with different photometric testing orientations.

Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.6 (2014.11, 2016.3)

  • Fixed issue where Layout Assistant would not prompt for calc points.
  • Fixed issues with luminaire luminous areas.
  • Fixed issue with transparent luminaire housing surfaces affecting calculated results.
  • Fixed issue with clipping planes on systems with low precision depth buffers.
  • Fixed error occurring when minimizing the calculation viewer while calculating.
  • Fixed error occurring when running ElumTools commands on non-graphical views (i.e. schedules).
  • Fixed issue with tasks not updating after calculations files folder has changed.
  • Fixed issue where updaters were not being registered (i.e. calc points invalidation was not working, introduced in previous release).
  • Fixed legacy OpenGL blending bug (causing issues with legacy (virtualized) OpenGL drivers).
  • Fixed resizing issue with settings form.
  •  Changed: If the material name contains the words "Light Source", the surface type is automatically set to "Opaque", was "Transparent". The Luminaire Luminous option is automatically enabled (same behavior).

Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.5 (2014.10, 2016.2)

  • Fixed issues upgrading planar face calc points family.
  •       Fixed issue opening project when the ElumTools project version is newer than installed version.
  •         Fixed issue where view templates were being applied to ElumTools working views.
  •         Fixed issue with task dialog being on top of other applications.
  •         Fixed issue where luminaires with no surfaces were being excluded from calculation.
  •         Fixed issue with luminaires and project phases.
  •         Fixed default color temperature of ElumTools luminaire families.
  • Added URL and version parameters to ElumTools luminaire families
  • Fixed recessed ElumTools luminaire families to work better with linked models.
  •         Fixed material appearance properties of ElumTools materials.
  • Fixed graphical stitching issues with nearly coplanar surfaces.

  • Fixed workset visibility issue with luminaires working view.
  • Fixed performance issue when launching calculations
  • Fixed performance issue when viewing luminaire instances in Luminaire Manager.
  • Fixed performance issue when loading calculation results into Revit project.

Enhancements: ElumTools 2015.4 (2016.1, 2014.9)

  • Project (RVT File) Level Changes                

    • Improved project initialization and upgrade process.

    • Project data is now stored on the ElumTools_ProjectInfo view instead of Revit Project Information

    • New command – ElumTools Project Information (with version history)

    • New command – Remove ElumTools from Project

  • New command – ElumTools Newsreel

  • Luminaires, Luminaire Manager, Luminaire Families

    • Support for dynamic (parameterized) light source position/orientation.

    • Support for hidden (non-shared, nested) sources

    • Support for multiple light sources per luminaire

    • ElumTools Luminaire Families                        

    • Support for Color Filters

    • Support for Color Temperature

    • Better luminous area handling

    • Support for more luminous shapes

    • Improve support for prorating light sources.

    • Access to the Photometric Instabase

  • Materials

    • Added Specularity and Glossiness properties for raytracing.

    • Added Luminaire Luminous property for better luminous area support.

    • Added name-based rules for ignoring surfaces and luminous area surfaces.

  • Calculation Viewer

    • Support for color temperature

    • Support for post-process Raytracing

  • Results & Renderings
    • Renderings can now be saved in the Revit project.

    • New command – View Rendering

    • New command – Render Manage

    • Renderings are invalidated along with calc points.

Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.4 (2016.1, 2014.9)

  • Fixed calculation issue occurring when Revit links were rotated.

  • Fixed parsing IES files with non-English regional settings.
  • Fixed parsing of text input in various dialogs with non-English regional settings.
  • Fixed issue with layout assistant and complex luminaire/mask/room profiles.
  • Fixed issue with non-photometric light source objects inadvertently appearing in the calculated environment.
  • Fixed issue where resetting radiosity settings to defaults did not require recalculation.
  • Fixed issue with License Manager dialog after trial license expired.
  • Fixed errors occurring with daylight portal creations.
  • Fixed OpenGL text issue caused by window DPI settings.
  • Fixed issue where daylight transition surfaces were always using the category override.


Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.3 (release 3)


  • Fixed graphics issue when using virtual (and other primitive) graphics drivers.
  • Added graphics debugging capability to Settings under Miscellaneous tab.
  • Fixed error occurring when Layout Assistant was specified without calculation points.


Enhancements: ElumTools 2015.2 (release 2)


  • Added contextual Revit help in command tooltips.


Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.2 (release 2)


  • Fixed issue where planar face calculation point grids were orphaned and/or had invalid host faces.
  • Fixed issue when opening daylighting parameters dialog after installing weather database.
  • Adjusted all dialogs to be more compatible with Windows text size/dpi settings.


Enhancements: ElumTools 2015.1 (release 1)


  • This release is identical in functionality to ElumTools 2014.6.


Bug Fixes: ElumTools 2015.1 (release 1)


  • This release is identical in functionality to ElumTools 2014.6..


ElumTools copyright 2016 Lighting Analysts, Inc.