Most of the dialogs in AGi32 will reset their location to the center of the AGi32 interface each time they are opened. However, there are some dialogs, like Define Luminaire and Project Manager, that will retain the location to which they are moved and always try to open from that location. Thus, if the monitor configuration changes or changes are made to resolution settings, among other causes, the dialogs that are located off-screen may no longer be visible or accessible when opened. A good test for whether this is what is occurring is to press the ESC key on the keyboard when AGi32 appears to be "locked up". If you are able to continue using the program then the previous command's dialog was appearing off the visible area on the screen. 

Note: If one of the three Toolkits (Model Toolkit, Statistics, or Hints) is not appearing onscreen, please use the Reset Default Toolkits option in the Tools menu instead.

Other possible symptoms:

  • Sometimes trying to run another AGi32 command while a dialog is open off-screen can generate an error message: "Run-time error '401': Can't show non-modal form when modal form is displayed".
  • Trying to import a CAD file can generate an error message: "Run-time error '-2147467261 (80004003)': Object reference not set to an instance of an object".

The resolution to this is to reset all dialogs to their default locations. This will also reset the dialogs to their default sizes and resizing may be necessary after opening some of them again.

Resetting dialog locations and sizes in AGi32 v.15.1 and newer:

  1. Make sure all instances of AGi32 are closed.
  2. Open a new/blank instance of AGi32.
  3. Open the System Settings dialog by clicking [Menu: Tools > System Settings].
  4. In System Settings, click the "Defaults" tab.
  5. Click the "Reset All Dialog Locations/Size" button (see image below).
  6. Click the "Ok" button to save the setting and close the System Settings dialog.
  7. Close AGi32 then open a new instance of the program or an existing AGI file.
  8. The dialog(s) that weren't appearing on the screen should now appear when opened again. 

Resetting dialog locations in AGi32 v.14.6 and older is more difficult. For this, please watch the "Resetting Dialog Locations in AGi32 v.14 and Older" video (click the link).