Users installing versions 2015.10-11, 2016.7-8, and 2017.3-4 need to uninstall previous minor versions of ElumTools before the installation of the new version can proceed.  For example, users with 2017.2 installed will need to uninstall 2017.2 before updating to 2017.3 or 2017.4.

If the installer detects a previous version of ElumTools is installed, the following message will be displayed with instructions on resolving the problem.

To resolve the issue, uninstall the previous version of ElumTools via Control Panel -> Programs and Features.

Alternatively, to remove the previous version of ElumTools using a script (for batch deployments or similar), run the following command.

MsiExec /x “filename.msi” /q

“filename.msi” is complete path/filename to the MSI being uninstalled.

The need to uninstall previous versions of ElumTools is a requirement for 2015.10-11, 2016.7-8, and 2017.3-4 only.  Future updates will be able to be installed on top of older versions (as has been the case with previous versions of ElumTools).  The requirement to uninstall previous versions this time was only imposed to overcome a twice-off versioning issue with some LAI DLLs.