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Adding IES files to Revit nested families


I'm using Elumtool to do my photometric calculations in Revit. I created a site lighting family and I want the flexibility to have multiple heads on the site pole. A Revit lighting family has only one light source and it does not allow me to copy more light sources within the same family. Is there a way to have more than one light source in a lighting family? As a work around, I created a nested family for the area light to allow multiple heads with the same light source. The problem I am running into is I can't change the IES photometric file in the nested family from the main family. I always have to open the nested family to change the photometric file. If I want fixture types with different photometric files, I would need to have a separate family for each fixture type. Is there a way that I can change the Photometric IES file in the main family which will automatically change the Photometric IES file in the nested family?

Hi Vernon,

Using nested families is the only way to get multiple light sources in the same Revit family.  To be able to edit the photometric file for the nested family, from the project, make the nested family "Shared" by checking the box shown below, in the family editor.

Once the nested family is shared, you'll see both the parent family, and the nested family, in Luminaire Manager.  Leave the parent family as "No Source" and assign the desired photometric file to the nested family.

The ElumTools luminaire family library also comes with a couple of exterior families that are built this way which you could use as an example.  See below for where to locate these families.  More information available at this help link.


This is great info and very helpful. Thanks! I used the area light family from the ElumTools luminaire family library and made some modifications to make it how I want it and that works just fine. Thanks again!

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