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Maintain Image Aspect Ratios in Reports

There is an issue I run into when I share AGI files between analysts. The distance the screen covers in model mode dictates the size and shape of images from render mode while in the report tab. This is also apparent when removing or resizing the Statistics and Model Toolkit windows. If I make a change to the size of these toolkit windows, or if another analyst uses a different size toolkit window and I go to adjust the images in the reports, the image changes the size and shape to match my screen. This is especially frustrating when the shape changes and doesn't fit the area.

This seems to be true with both static and dynamic images (which is equally, if not more frustrating).

I would like to propose a selection option where the image inserted can be "Wide Screen" or "Full Screen" as we have for some TVs. The Full Screen is obviously the zoomed-in version of the image of the Wide Screen. If this option is selected it would prevent the headache of trying to reformat my viewports to match the size ratio of other analyst's screens and lock the aspect ratio that was originally selected no matter what screen size used.

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