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Fixture Heights Relative to Z-Point

 Is there a way to or can we request a feature be added so fixture Mount Heights can be shown relative to a set Z-axis?

In other words, If I am modeling a two story building where the second floor lighting contributes to the first floor, I don't want to show the second floor lights at 17ft if they are really only 8ft above the second floor level (at 9ft in this scenario).

If this feature allowed us to set "floors/levels" lets say at zero (default) and 9ft, then I would have the program show any fixture starting at 9ft have their mount height shown relative to the second floor where 9ft resets the counter to zero.

(Even a drop down beside each fixture in project manager specifying what floor it is relative to would work. This would be great to select prior to inserting a new fixture so they are added to the floor automatically.)

We need to show accuracy of contributing light levels from other levels and simplify the mounting height situation so it doesn't confuse the person receiving the AGI drawings. It's not mounted at 17ft, it's mounted at 17ft from the ground floor. It's actually only mounted at 8ft.

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Mounting height (from AS2560.1 Sports Lighting) =

The vertical distance between the luminaire and the ground or floor, or between the

luminaire and some other specified plane such as the top of a table tennis table.

In interior lighting Mounting Height is usually the height of the luminaire above the working plane.

So, I propose that "MH" is the height to a specified plane, and "H" is the height above z=0.

For a pole, MH could be the nominal pole height which is useful to display.

I'd like to see in the luminaire labels dialogue with an option to choose either MH and/or MH (with a ref height) per attached.

(33.5 KB)
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