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Creating an Polygon Room from an Existing Drawing Entity

I am trying to complete the "Building a More Complex Model (formerly titled Auditorium)" tutorial in AGi32.  One of the first steps is to create a polygon room from existing drawing entities.  I followed the steps and go to do that... and after I select my polygon, this line gets thicker as it should and then in theory I am supposed to be able to "accept polygon" and move on.  However, no 2nd dialog box appears that allows me to "accept polygon".  After I've selected the polygon it still says on the bottom left to "Select drawing entity", but no pick box appears or anything.  It is just a normal mouse arrow and when I try to click it just dings at me so to speak and doesn't let me click anything else in the program.  It's almost as though the dialog box is up somewhere, and wants me to click "accept Polygon" but I can't seem to find where that is.  The program won't let me do anything else after this point.  I've attached a screenshot if that helps at all, you can see that it wants me to "select drawing entity" but doesn't allow a pick box, it's just a normal mouse arrow. If there is anything you can think of that'll explain this or help me I would really appreciate it. 


Hi Nick,

Yes, a dialog to accept the polygon should appear after you select a drawing entity.  It sounds like the dialog may be appearing off screen.  Try reseting the dialogs to their default locations.  You can find instructions for how to do this at the link below.

AGi32 dialogs do not appear on-screen and the program appears to be unresponsive (and 2 Run-time errors)

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Thank you very much!  That certainly was the problem, all good to go now.  I really appreciate it, thanks!

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