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Cannot Toggle to Emergency Mode With View Template

I am working on a project in Revit 2020 with ElumTools 2020.4.0.16. The Normal calculations are working great, but I cannot toggle the Emergency Mode. When I click Emergency Revit seems to regenerate the view, but the mode stays in General Use. I tried toggling the mode in several different plan/RCP views with the same result. If I switch to a 3D view it allows me to change to the Emergency Mode and calculates fine. I found if I take the views off of a view template they allow me to switch to Emergency Mode. I really would like to use a view template for my lighting calculation sheets. What part of the view template could be causing this?

This will happen if the Calculation Mode parameter is included in the View Template.  To fix, you can remove the View Mode parameter from the template.  See the help link, below, for some additional information.

Why won't ElumTools switch modes?

That was the issue. Thank you very much!

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