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1158.3.1 calc requirments

just wondering how i get my (or change my) calc summary to read Eh, Eph, Ue2 and Epv..

and is there a way to get one calc field to read all of them or do i have to do a seperate calc for Epv?

 this relates to a outdoor carpark situation.

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If you still need an answer

- When you are inserting a calculation summary, alter the "Display Name" accordingly

- Ebarh is average (so rename that one)

- Eph is individual point horizontal illuminance--not much point in a summary, although the grid will display these anyway by default

- Max and Min values would likely be better for 1158.3.1

- Ue2 is uniformity - check 1158.2 whether you need max/min or max/avg etc and alter that field name (you may need to alter AGI's options to invert the calculation)

- Epv requires a separate grid as the meter is oriented differently--just label the calculations carefully to describe what you've calculated

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