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Drawing Off in the Boonies

 I recently came across a DWG that I tried to import, but it crashed AGI simply by trying to import it. It wasn't anything special like a full scale Revit model, it was only a small drawing. Or so I thought.

Turns out the X,Y coordinates were WAY off in the distance. I was able to open the drawing in Autocad and adjust the drawing to be on the axis (you know, like the way a drawing should be). Once I did, AGI imported it just fine.

What would be helpful is for AGI not to just crash to desktop because it can't handle those coordinates, but to give a reason for the issue and allow us to correct it from AGI itself. Had I not had Autocad, this would have been impossible to address without third-party help.

Could you please attach the CAD file in question so we can take a look? Thanks!

Thanks for the file.  

I was able to get it to import into AGi32 by performing the Audit command in AutoCAD, which fixed 193 errors in the file.  Adjusting the drawing coordinates was not required.  It appears the data in the file was just corrupt.  Though re-locating the model to the origin is certainly a good idea.  You can do this in AGi32 using the Translate Origin Command.

The crash is being caused by an error generated by a 3rd party library we use to import DWG files, called RealDWG.  Since the error is occurring in RealDWG, there is not much we can do on the AGi32 side to correct the problem.

Hope that helps!

 Thanks Matt! Understood.

I guess there isn't much they can do to prevent corrupted files either...

I appreciate you looking into it. 

Thanks again!

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