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Cornell testing box for light fixtures

I think there needs to be a Cornell testing box for light fixtures so we can perform a pseudo test on our families to make sure we are least in the same ballpark as what the manufacturer says we should be showing. The differences I and getting from Visual are 20 Candella difference than what Elumtools shows, so how can I be sure my family is right based on its complexity?  That is our biggest obstacle to ensuring calculations are right.

If there was a method to test differences in a Cornell box with some automatic calculation methods that show properties along a surface versus the IES I would feel a lot better knowing that my family is built correctly, performs as expected and know the zonal cavity is right.

Is this possible?  I realize this might be a large task to take on, but if we can't be sure our family is right all the best calculations in the world will not help make sure the final results are correct.  This would be a big boost.

Here is a more precise example of what the differences are.  First was a room with 2 lights and now one light.  The differences are scary.  And I can't be sure which one is right but more tests need to be done for accuracy and a deciding factor of which one to use.

Having definitive proof is quintessential for paying $1000 versus free.  Since families are far more complex, I would lean to Visual.  I would hope that Elum tools would be more accurate, but I tried to be as fair as I could on these tests as I could.

Sorry, I looked at the room with a single light and it appears that the wall did not get the walls built as I thought it had.  It is closer than expected now.

Having a Cornell box (with cross-checking summations) would provide proof that lights work as expected then we can rest assured that we have good calculations.

I attached the Revit and AGi files that we use to compare results between ElumTools and AGi32.  Not technically a Cornell box, since the surfaces are just gray scale.  But it may provide you with what you're after.  Let me know if you have any questions about the results!

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