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Separate Model Toolkits in new window

 I would like the ability to take the model toolkits outside of the AGI32 screen giving the option to have a full work space on one screen while the tools are on another.

In addition, I would like to be able to move them separately so I can lay them on top of or side by side, widen them to long bars of tools, dock them to the top/bottom/side of another screen or outside of the AGI32 window on the same screen like a ribbon (despite hating ribbons myself, it just adds some flexibility on the screen).

My ideal layout would be to see all tools in one place with customization to arrange add/remove tools and shortcut buttons as needed.

Thank you!

you can move the toolbar wherever you want. right click and click disconnect. then you can move if freely between screens. i have mine oriented on both screens to show it can be done


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 I didn't know about the disconnect feature, Thank you!

Now if I could just separate the toolkits and place each around the screen(s) instead of shutter style I will be happy. :)

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