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Sportsfield Lighting

Hi All

I need to design a sportsfields lighting but i cannot seem to create the correct Arrangement for my fixtures can anyone help please 


thank you, how can you help

I can  you the GPS details if that would help

I’m not doing your design for you. You said you can’t create the correct Arrangement. What arrangement are you trying to create?

Hi there

I did not ask you to do the work for me at all. The reason why i asked if you need the GPS info was for you to be able to see what the project entails because it is hard to explain how the arrangement should be. So if you look at the attached file and go to the street level view you will see how the fixtures are arranged to light up the field and THAT is the help i need with creating the arrangement.

It is the typical frame where stadium lights are mounted on. I dont know how the degrees work in the program.

Thank you 

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