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set zero lux behind a lamp pole in roads

hello all,

how can i set or add or edit a luminaire so that i get zero lux behind the light pole in a street?

If your photometry is correct, and you set the luminaire and pole up correctly, the result should be representative of the installation expected.

if you’re getting light behind the pole, that’s probably because your fixture will produce light behind the pole. 

is there a way to stop (cutoff) the light behind the pole?

Yes. Many ways.

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can you help me how to do the cutoff?

How will the cutoff be created in the installation?

we can insert a piece of rectangular metal ander the lamp to create the cutoff. 

I need to do that in AGI

Then add an object that represents your piece of metal, in terms of size, shape, reflectivity, transmission, location, etc.

AGi32 is supposed to be modelling what you intend to do in real life, or you can experiment in AGi32 to see what you need to do in real life to achieve a modelled effect. 

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