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Google Maps Import

It would be fantastic to be able to select on a Google Map which roadway or area we want to import into AGI and have it scale automatically (with the scale noted at the bottom of the Google Maps screen). What I do now is I screen capture while zoomed in as much as possible and piece the sections together.

There are two issues I have with this method.

One issue is the images that are imported are usually poor quality (ie pixelated) when imported into AGI (even with "High Quality" selected), which makes zooming into the drawing for fine detail next to impossible.

NOTE: The images imported are NOT pixelated in the original image, but only distort and pixelate upon AGI32 import.

The second issue is if I am doing a long stretch of roadway, I am limited to 8 images in a single drawing.

So on one hand to get the high level of detail I have to blow up the pictures and have many more images to make up for the AGI32 pixelation of my images, while on the other hand I am limited to how far I can zoom in because of the 8 image cap. I'm forced to choose which is more important,which is most often going to be all images on the same drawing, so the accuracy could decline because of this limitation if I am forced to zoom out further to get within 8 screen captures.

If there was an import feature that could bring in the highest level of detail (ie full zoom-in quality) of the whole section of Google Maps (ie 1 image) and to scale it to the image scale, then I can recreate high-quality roadways/land areas without the issues of pixelation and image limitations. This ability would in turn provide a higher level of detail which allows for selecting more accurate points on the images within AGI32 and prevent playing the guessing game "What's that fuzz?".

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