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Count On/Off Fixtures

 I am wondering if this is a possibility that I have missed. Is there a way to indicate how many fixtures are On or Off? I would like to show the quantity of the same fixture twice (Let's say Type 'A'. I am using Type A throughout the drawing and I have several of them turned off (indicating a broken fixture or missing, etc).

For my clients, I would like to give them an indication of what is going on by showing two separate columns in the schedule of Type A.

Before we get into the idea of creating a separate line item for the fixture type in the schedule. I know this trick, but I am asking for a column in the schedule itself that simply says On = 342, Off = 70 or something to the effect.

I know we can also TAG On/Off under the label, but for larger drawings this doesn't make sense.

There is also the issue of exporting On/Off fixtures into CAD. I know in AGI it shows the 'Off' fixtures as dashed lines, but exporting to CAD creates solid lines for both On and Off fixtures and does not distinguish between the two.

Short of individually finding and changing every On/Off fixture and changing them independently to a separate line item (and color), I don't know a better way to distinguish them when exporting to CAD, except the whole TAG idea, but that doesn't stand out well on larger drawings.

Instead of a dashed line, could we change it to a different color and have the option to choose the secondary "Off" color? Can we also show in the schedule a quantity of On and Off without changing the Fixture ID? I think these tools would be very useful in many different ways.

Any ideas?

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I don’t have AGi32 here to check, but I think you could utilise scenes to help you here. You could attribute the on fittings to one channel and off to another. Try it and see if it works the way you need it
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