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Luminaire image not saving

After importing my own graphic image via Photometric Toolbox and completing the step from your help guide "Click Ok to save the current image as your Luminaire image", I find the image is missing upon reopening the IES file. I don't believe the image is being saved to the file. 

I'm hoping you can review or advise me if I'm completing this step wrong. 


There is no ability for an IES format file to include an image.

You've misunderstood the purpose of this component of PTB32. When you've got an IES file loaded and a report that you want to print, you can assign an image that will print out on that report.

If you print that report to a PDF you'll be able to re-print it at will and the image will stay there, of course.

However, once you close the IES file and/or close PTB32, there is no record retained of the image you associated with the file. You can repeat the process if you want to produce another printed report, but you can't permanently assign an image within an IES file.

IES files are basically txt format files that have certain bits of information laid out so that a program such as PTB32 or AGi32 can read them and 'understand' the data that they contain. There is no provision in that format for images. You could conceivably extend the IES format to include a path to an image and then write a bit of software that pulls the path out of the file and displays the image it's pointing to, but I'd suggest you've got other possibilities for whatever you're trying to achieve.

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Thanks for your prompt reply and for clarifying the matter. I appreciate it. 

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