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Pagebuilder Viewport Properties VIEW NAME -- Default Syntax

Please change the default syntax by removing the colon in the title and replacing with a space.  For example, my View Name defaults to PLAN VIEW - MECHANICAL RM:PLAN VIEW.  While the characters before the colon are defaults from the Model Tab view port name, and the characters after the colon default from the Viewpoint name, adding them together and putting a colon between them does not look anything like a professional title block description (AutoCAD, etc.).  

Even changing the Model Tab View to just MECHANICAL RM doesn't help because the colon is still there: MECHANICAL RM:PLAN VIEW, which isn't professional-looking and is backwards anyway -- the order should be PLAN VIEW - MECHANICAL RM.  (Type of view always comes first, e.g., plan view, elevation view, section view, isometric view.)

This is even more confusing because the word 'elevation' refers one of several floor levels at different elevations above grade.  

If you replace the colon with a space, we could add a dash or hyphen to the title and make it more readable.

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I agree.

I've never quite understood why the obvious alignment with AutoCAD that AGi32 has been groomed with seemed to falter at times with opposing or altered concepts.

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