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Split and Copy, Drag and Adjust Schedule Format in Page Builder

 If there is a feature for this already, please let me know, but we will often run entire floors of rooms for clients. We are looking currently at about 130 rooms for one floor. The issue becomes when we start placing schedules in the drawings in Page Builder. Without shrinking the text down, I would love the ability to split the schedules so they only show unique values and let them fit inside the page border.

Currently the only way I know to do this is to make another schedule, format the text sizes and the order and so on to look like the first, then I have to drag it above the drawing (outside of the printable area) just enough so the next item in the list shows at the top of the page. If I could even copy the schedule and paste an identical copy, that would save a lot of steps.

If we could have the ability to split the schedules by saying how many rows we want to show and let it adjust the number of schedules, that could work, or even a click option to grab the corner(s) and adjust how it looks may be the best way. (Now that I think of it, Let's go with that as the request.) This would be phenomenal!

Thank you

Schedules are cumbersome in many ways. I'm not sure that you'll get much response on this one, but whether you do or not, check out this aspect of the Dialog Box you get when adding/modifying a schedule:


As you'll see from the bit I highlighted (highlit?), you can tell the schedule to start from a certain line and finish at a certain line, but then you have to do a lot of mucking around to get the correct line numbers set up to suit the size of the schedule area you're placing on the page. As I said, cumbersome. But at least it's a workaround that's better than your current fix of letting stuff run off the page (I think that's what you're describing that you're doing).

Hope that gets things set a little better for you.

I'm not sure if this would be useful to your workflow, but don't forget that you can use Projects as a way to make schedules only show the information you want.

For example, make a project called "Schedule items 1-9", and another called "Schedule items 10-19". Then, if you sort the items you want on each schedule into those two projects, and use the "Attach to Project" option from Lou's screenshot above, the content of the schedule will populate with the data from the project (see below).

While you can't do a copy-paste of the schedule, if you're using any sort of page templates, you'll at least have the schedule the right size to begin with, and you'll only have to pick what it is showing.


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