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Design Calculated at Grade

 I recently completed a parking lot.... and customer is asking if my design is calculated at grade. does anyone might know what they mean by that ?

At grade is not a common term in my part of the world, but I believe it can mean either at ground level or all at the same level. I think your client is probably asking if the calc points are at ground level in this case. 

If you don't want to ask what they meant, I'd suggest you clarify what level your calc points are at and they can then determine if that meets their needs.

Lou is correct.  There are many "terminologies" you may run in to on this matter:

"At grade" = "on the surface"

"A.F.G." = "At finished grade"

"A.F.F." = "At finished floor"

Note that these terms when used with a "number" take that measurement into account, i.e.:

"9'-0" AFF" = 9 feet zero inches "above finished floor" , as in a mounting height.

"0'-0" AFG" = 0 feet zero inches "above finished grade" 

"24'-6" AFG" = 24 feet six inches  "above finished grade", perhaps a pole mounting

I think the important thing to take away from this is “Lou is correct”. 
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