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Luminaire Plan Labels by .ies file

It would be beneficial to specify luminaire plan labels by .ies file (similar to how the luminaire isoline template command works).

Example: A large office building with several different fixture types; 6" recessed and 2x4 troffers. The correct placement of the 2x4 labels are very different than what is required for the 6" recessed. The reset button still works for fixtures that are disabled in project manager so there is not a good way to move the labels besides moving everyone individually. 

Additionally, by implementing this type of functionality you would be able to add information to certain fixture types; like mounting height. 

For a project I am working on currently I used (1.5 , -1.5) for the label location and it looks like this.


But what I would prefer it to look like is the following:


Note the difference in location of "C-04" from the recessed location.

So if the Luminaire Labels Tab had the following drop down (like the template command) I think it would be really beneficial for all AGi32 users; especially those who use Page Building for their prints.



By luminaire type could be good. I'd still probably prefer for the label to be offset a certain distance and/or angle from the symbol extremity, but perhaps there's an even better solution.

I don't mind, but I do agree that having one single automatic distance for luminaire labels is not helpful on large projects, as you usually end up with something that doesn't work.

My recommendation would give AGi users the same dialog menu they are used to. It would just allow for unique labels for each fixture type. Meaning you could have one fixture type be labeled with just the "Tag" and for another fixture type you could have "Tag"  and " Mounting Height" and/or any combination of the below list. Example: For example in a large retail space you could have the could just "Tag" troffers and recessed fixtures, but then for track heads you could do "Tag" and "Luminaire Number" and refer to the aiming schedule"  etc. Or on a small job with lets say just a mono-point head, you could include the Aiming Parameters on the drawing instead of having to have the extra schedule; currently you have to have the schedule and filter out everything that isn't aimed or the Aiming Parameters would show for every fixture type on the plan. 


I'm not sure if I followed exactly what you're looking for, but I think you're meaning that if you set a default offset for a luminaire label it works better for some fixtures than others because it offsets from the insertion point and the symbol size and configuration could mean that there's varying gap sizes between the symbol and the text, and even the possibility of some symbols and text crossing each other.

If that's the case, yes, I agree that this should be looked into. Perhaps the text can be placed at a certain offset from the extremities of each individual symbol?

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