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Import ArcGIS dataset

Would it be possible in the future to import ArcGIS datasets with background imagery into ArcGIS?  Currently, I'm exporting multiple sets of imagery from ArcGIS to PDFs and then loading them into AGi32 and scaling them and then stitching them together.  It'd be nice if it could load straight from ArcGIS files.

Hi Brian,

Sorry to butt in, but are you able to export the ArcGIS files in another format that can be imported by AGI already?

Not having the program myself, I don't know, but could it be exported as a dwg?

I found a quick site that may or may not be related to your program, but says you may be able to export to CAD.

I don't know if this helps or not, but it could at least eliminate the PDF stitching for now if it works.

Thanks for the thoughts.  Unfortunately, the background we have is an aerial (raster image) where DWG/DXF CAD files really want vector data.  We likely could export the existing streetlighting locations as vector data, but we'd have no context for where the roads, driveways, and curbs are for instance.

I did submit a related request about maximum image sizes to Lighting Analysts support group and received a response that was extremely detailed and helpful.  We're still working on trying to implement some of their suggestions to see if it will work.


We have a municipal client that does not have AutoCAD files but has GIS files including 6" orthophotos of the city.  I wonder if it is possible to import this information into AGi.  I do have a request into Lighting Analysts but any thoughts would be appreciated.

Our city GIS staff figured out a way to create really long strip maps at the level of detail I needed of just the area I was interested in.  That way I only had to import a single PDF and scale it, rather than create my own set of 8 maps at the detail I needed and stitch the PDFs together.  This alone was a huge time savings to me.  GIS also figured out a way to re-save the PDFs that area created from ArcGIS to reduce the file size but had no visible effect on image quality, but they are still larger files than Lighting Analysts recommended.

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