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Add ability to bulk edit Luminaires with a formula

Submitting on behalf of Scott Coppola.

Would like the ability to specify a formula to help bulk edit Luminaires.

For example, the ability to specify something like Tilt = Tilt - 5 to bulk modify everything by 5 degrees.

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ScottĀ Coppola just needs to use the 'Edit Luminaire(s)' function, with either 'Window' or 'All' selection.

From there you can do a massive amount of editing either of selections of those chosen luminaires or the lot.


There is a 'Bulk Modifications' button at the bottom of the dialog box that comes up (I highlighted on my screen grab) that allows even more editing to go on such as:


And to top that off you can go into 'Project Manager' and for each Project you can do a bunch of editing in other ways for your Luminaires (or Objects, or Rooms, or Calculation Points, or Imported Cad Files - not quite everything in your file, but most things).

To be honest, editing luminaires in a bulk manner isn't a particularly advanced concept. I'd suggest that Scott spends a bit of time getting more familiar with AGi32's capabilities - my guess is that he's doing many things the hard way if he's not yet aware of how to Bulk Edit luminaires.

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