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Landscape Grade Change

 I would love to build true to life landscapes in AGI with varying grades and have AGI automatically build slopes to connect them.

A function that allows you to trace around the "next level up" or down would be very useful.

IE: This object gets raised to "insert height" at the traced point.

In the example picture attached, we could select the ground planar object and trace around each section and say what each elevation was for each section. Kindof like a smooth extrusion.

(59 KB)
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I'm not expecting that Lighting Analysts will do much with modeling tools in AGi32. The support for importing objects created in SketchUp was probably the end of the line in that respect.

I made this very, very rough 'landscape' in Sketchup and imported into AGi32. It was pretty quick to make, and I think it could be much more realistic with a little extra effort.

What I'd say is, I'd like for placing fixtures on an uneven terrain like this to automatically 'snap' to the ground surface, as you can see that my mounting heights of the 'bollard' fixtures doesn't always meet the ground and it's near impossible to find the right height within AGi32 just visually. You'd have to know what the actual mounting height is at all points to do that.


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