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Adding Min Acceptable Design Criteria to Calc Grid

HI there, 

It would be nice to have AGI alert us or highlights the design values that do meet our pre-set design criteria -  the option to add for example Min Avg accepted limit (ie Min Average and uniformity values) for each calculation gird.  that way, we when we make some changes to a design, the other affected calc would be highlighted if it did not meet the design criteria, 

for example, to make it simple, let's say, I am designing an outdoor parking lot, and having a few high mast lights cover two calculation grids: 

(1) the Parking lot area with Min Avg of 30 Lux, and 

(2) the service road adjacent to the parking lot area with Min Avg of 20 Lux. 

 Every time I make a change to the design, it would change both calc grid values (Avg, uniformity,  etc). And sometimes it would be hard to keep track of those values in the static window. So ... 

It would be nice to have the following features:

1- Add Design criteria limits to each Calc grid (eg. Min Avg, Min Avg/Min, and Max/Min)  

2- AGI notifies me through a pop window / highlight values in Statistics Window that do not meet the design criteria that I set for each calc grid. 

3- The ability to add these design criteria to the Calc table in the plan view and report sections. 

Thanks in advance, 


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Agreed. The additional step would be to invoke certain standards such as (here in Australia) various of the AS NZS 1680 series target levels for interiors, or AS2560 series for sports, the same way that the AGi32 Roadway Estimator knows what targets we need to meet for the AS NZS1158 series.

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that's correct  Lou ! 

corrections / Clarifications for the first sentence bolded below  ...  

"It would be nice to have AGI alert us or highlights the calculated values that do NOT meet our pre-set design criteria / Values  -  ... " 

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