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.BIM and .DWG to Luminaire Symbol Coversion- Feature Request

Many manufacturer's have .BIM and or .DWG files for their lights.

I wish there was a direct way to import those files directly into Agi32 as luminary symbols / rendering objects. For those of us who do not have a CAD software, one cannot import a BIM file into Sketchup to convert to an object unless you go way back to Sketchup 7 which you can import a CAD file, convert to sketchup, then open in the new sketchup and convert to an LAIDEX file and that's a lot of conversions. I wish the software had the ability to do this directly, especially since the stock luminary symbol library is dated and limited. 

I'd like to add to this request as well. It seems to me that many sketchup files are too complicated to import into AGI directly. Attempts to import (from DWG export) result in AGI32 crashing I would also request that if this feature is added, that there be a feature to remove complex geometry (ie: blocks, imported objects, etc.) There is also a large demand for virtual memory regarding certain surfaces as well, usually objects such as windows and doors increase the file size greatly when they have glass components to them. Perhaps these can be created in AGI as solids to speed up import?

I agree with Joshua about reducing complexity of objects. Some manufacturer's will have so much detail in their luminaire CAD / BIM files that Agi32 can't handle all the surfaces. Some sort of averaging to get the general shape of the luminaire would be helpful. 

All of this relates back to the lack of adequate selection of luminaire symbols. It really can be very difficult to work within the limitations of Agi32's library of selections.

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